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The King of Elfland’s Daughter

Edward Plunkett (1878 - 1957) was the eighteenth Baron Dunsany, led a colourful life, was the chess champion of Scotland, Ireland and Wales and a highly successful playwright.  However, he is mostly remembered for his fantasy stories.  In this field, he influenced many other writers including J.R.R. Tolkien and H. P. Lovecraft.  The King of Elfland's Daughter was published in 1923 and represents Dunsany at his best.

The story revolves around the kingdom of Erl.  Concerned at the relative obscurity of their country, the people ask their King to bring magic into the land so that they might be remembered by the world for something.  The King bids his son, Alveric, to journey to Elfland and bring back the daughter of the King of the Elves.  Alveric sets out on his quest and crosses over the border into the magical realm.  At first, he must battle through an enchanted wood, but aided by a magic sword given to him by a benevolent witch, he hacks a path through to the ice palace of the Elf King.  There he meets Lirazel, daughter of the King of Elfland, who falls in love with him.  Elven knights attack him, but, with his magic sword, Alveric manages to defeat them and speeds back home to Erl with Lirazel, whom he weds.  The Elf King is furious and pronounces a spell which will draw his daughter back to him again.  The spell is written down in runes on a parchment scroll and carried to Erl by a little troll who serves the Elf King as a messenger.  The troll discovers Lirazel with her baby son and scampers around her room to attract her attention.  He drops the scroll and she reads the runes.  As soon as she does this she is drawn back to the faerie realm.  Alveric searches for her for long years, but in vain since the Elf King has withdrawn the borders of his land far from our world.  However, Lirazel begins to pine for her husband and child and at length the Elf King returns the borders of his realm to our world, this time extending them to encompass the land of Erl.  Thus, in the end, the people of Erl are granted their wish and their kingdom becomes a magical land.

The sections of the symphonic poem are; Prelude, the Kingdom of Erl, Alveric's Quest, Alveric enters Elfland, Alveric and Lirazel, Alveric meets the Swords of Elfland, the Abduction of Lirazel and the Elf King's Spell, the Troll Messenger, Lirazel in the Kingdom of Erl, Lirazel Reads the Runes, Lirazel is Drawn Back to Elfland, Alveric Searches in Vain, the Coming of Elfland to Erl.

This work was commissioned by Robert Childs for Buy As You View Cory Band and recorded by them on Doyen DOY CD144.

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