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Earth’s Fury

This piece is written in a programmatic style and follows the story of a quaint American town on a sunny day with people going about their business, children playing etc. Out in the distance, a twister starts to form and in true cinematic style makes its way towards the town getting more ferocious the closer it gets.

The twister destroys the town and in the 2nd movement, the people contemplate lost relatives and salvage whatever they can from the wreckage. However, the people of the town work together to rebuild and in the 3rd movement, they successfully build a better metropolis and flourish in the process as some of the joyous melodies from the 1st movement are heard again.


Paul Lovatt-Cooper, July 2006

Product information

Paul Lovatt-Cooper
Trombone Solo & Piano
Difficulty Level
Advanced (Soloist), Difficult (Piano)
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Composer Paul Lovatt-Cooper Instrumentation Trombone Solo & Brass Band