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Aspects of Adiemus

Aspects of Adiemus is a collection from one of the world's most popular composers, Karl Jenkins.  Adiemus, literally translated, means 'we will draw near' and represents a musical language which can be heard on five award-winning albums from the composer.

Since Adiemus has risen in popularity around the world, it has become a growing entity meaning many different things to many different people.  Vocally, the spread of influence grows wider all the time, taking in Arabic and African sounds as well as Celtic and ecclesiastical ones.  The percussion too has expanded using Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Chinese and even Australian instrumentation.

The evolving nature of Adiemus has meant that it has been difficult to categorise.  New age, classical crossover, world music, even pop.  Karl sees this as a good sign: "To me, Adiemus transcends labels.  The fact that it reaches people of different backgrounds, faiths and cultures gives it a universal appeal which is special.  The compositions can be spiritual, religious, meditative - it's open to 'move' people in any way they choose to experience."

Ironically, the Adiemus project ‘got off the ground' initially due to a television commercial for an airline.  Karl Jenkins explains, "I'd been toying with a new idea, completely separate to my work in advertising, but at this time, Jenkins Ratledge was commissioned to come up with the music for an airline commercial.  We presented the client with a demonstration tape of one of my completed compositions and they loved it."

That composition became known as Adiemus.  The music for the airline commercial was aired and immediately drew interest from the public.  Karl: "It's ironic that a piece of music not originally intended for a TV commercial should end up on a TV commercial, and that this music became the springboard for the success of the Adiemus project."

Expertly arranged by Peter Graham, Aspects of Adiemus features the eponymous Adiemus, an uplifting and instantly recognisable opener.  Chorale - Za Ma Ba and Chorale - Vocalise are songs of sanctuary, the latter featuring a chamber group from within the band.  The vibrant Song of the Spirit is a cornet feature, and the finale, Song of the Plains combines intense rhythmic energy with tribal harmonies.

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