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Sunrise over Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge (or The Blue Ridge Mountains) is a mountain range within the larger Appalachian Mountains.  The trees growing on the mountainside in this area release hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.  The natural haze produced in this process, when the range is viewed from a distance, gives the mountains a distinctive blueish colour.

Various Indian tribes, including Siouan, Manahoac, Shawnee and Cherokee, farmed the mountainside and fished the Blue Ridge Lake for food, making Blue Ridge their natural homeland.

In the early 1600’s, western settlers moved into Virginia and Georgia.  As their trade and industry increased in size so did the land they required.  This expansion included encroachment into Native American’s land which caused frequent hostility between settlers and tribes.  Eventually the native inhabitants were pushed further and further into the west and eventually out of the Blue Ridge Mountain range.  Blue Ridge is now predominantly a tourist area stretching across two national parks, Shenandoah, and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Sunrise over Blue Ridge takes its inspiration from the wonderful landscapes which can be seen in this part of the world, some of which are alluded by American Poet Steven Full in his poem, Blue Ridge:


I don't know why I long for its name.

Deep rich forest on blue ridges.

Tops of mountains that reach the sky.

Low valley's that hold your bewildering eye.

Deep blues in every direction.

Autumn's leaves like risky fires.

Fur's, pines and old bantom oaks.

The feeling of final peace and content.

… Sunrise over Blue Ridge.


Originally written for brass band, this version for brass sextet was commissioned by Black Dyke Band as part of the Arts Council Recovery Grant, and edited by Robert Childs.

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