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Stratos – Concerto for Euphonium

Stratos Concerto was composed for the Euphonium virtuoso David Childs and is cast in three movements.

I. Charge of the Intergalactic Rocks

Unpredictable in nature, this opening movement fizzes along through varying Keys, styles, time signatures and many sudden changes in both volume and timbre.  A large senza misura cadenza for the Euphonium forms the central focus point of the movement, where many of the motifs used throughout the movement are introduced primarily or revisited in a new guise.  This movement relies mostly on rhythmic and textural variety, rather than the melodic and harmonic nature of the latter movements.

II. Sleeping Earth

A calm and desolate setting forms the core of the second movement.  The music aims to capture the view over the planet Earth from outer space, the silent beauty of the curvature of the planet and the sun beaming from behind.

III. Dance of the Spiral Galaxies

The rip-roaring finale showcases the soloist’s flair and rhythm with a driving pulse from the first note to the last, climaxing in a grand reprise of the first movement.  An opening theme played in the solo line, which is then repeated in the accompaniment, forms the backbone of the movement as it is developed and changed from new ideas and textures.

The piece features on the Prima Vista Musikk CDs, Definity and Stratos.

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Jonathan Bates
Euphonium Solo & Piano
Difficulty Level
Advanced (Soloist), Difficult (Piano)
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Composer Jonathan Bates Instrumentation Euphonium Solo & Brass Band