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Maneno Ya

Commissioned in 2012 by the Penicuik Silver Band and included in their programme for the Borders Entertainments Contest, Maneno Ya is an African-themed anthem for band.  Following the success and popularity of the work for brass band here is the composer’s own arrangement for concert band.

The name Maneno Ya (pronounced Mah-Neh-Noh - Yah) is Swahili and translates as ‘song’ hence the subtitle of the piece - A ‘Song’ of Africa.  The work opens at a steady pace with percussion while the Solo Alto Saxophone states the first theme.  The accompaniment is generally scored sostenuto throughout to obtain the effect of a hymn or chorale.  At times syncopation is implied through articulation markings in both the melody and accompanying lines.  This is to highlight rhythmic interest and should not be over-emphasised.

The piece has four percussion parts; however, all parts other than the drum kit part are optional.  Percussion can play a large role in this piece if required, however, with parts doubled or improvised over to create a more authentic sound.

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Dan Price
Concert Band
Difficulty Level
Printed Full Set, Printed Score Only

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