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Funk Theory

Originally composed for euphonium and trombone quartet, Funk Theory became an instant success following its première on 7th October 2003, featuring the all-female Bones Apart trombone quartet and David Childs in Manchester's RNCM Concert Hall. Funk Theory is now available in this arrangement with piano and/or backing track accompaniment.

The music is based on two simple chord sequences - the first is heard in the first 7 bars and the second is an 8-bar sequence heard throughout the piece. The melody continually varies and develops becoming increasingly busy and difficult. It could almost be considered a small set of 'funk' variations.

Funk Theory has been performed in its various forms by euphonium soloists throughout the world. It is great fun to play and creates a little 'light relief' during any concert.  The original version of Funk Theory with trombone quartet accompaniment is also available from Prima Vista.

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Peter Meechan
Euphonium Solo & Piano (and/or CD)
Difficulty Level
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Composer Peter Meechan Instrumentation Euphonium Solo & Trombone Quartet