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Battle Ground

This duet was written for Hendon Salvation Army band’s annual Hendon Highlights concert, held at the Cadogan Hall in London.  The soloists on that occasion were Philip Cobb and David Childs.

A Salvation Army song entitled ‘God’s Soldier’ provides the main theme for the piece and the title is taken from a line from the song; ‘where evil reigns his battle ground’.

This is a fun piece that gives the soloists an opportunity to show off their ability.  The music is fast, lively and exciting and, on the whole, the soloists work together but there are times when there is an element of competition, almost ‘battling’ each other musically.

The piece features on the Prima Vista Musikk CD, Definity.

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Paul Sharman
Cornet & Euphonium Duet & Brass Band
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Difficult (Soloist), Moderate (Band)
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