Karl Jenkins meets Peter Graham
July 02 2010

Expertly arranged by Peter Graham, Aspects of Adiemus features music from one of the most prolific, popular and performed composers in the world today, Karl Jenkins CBE.

This new suite suite begins with the eponymous 'Adiemus', uplifting and instantly recognisable music known to many from its use on Delta Airlines TV commercials . 'Chorale - Za Ma Ba' and 'Chorale - Vocalise' are songs of sanctuary, the latter featuring a chamber group from within the band. The vibrant 'Song of the Spirit' is a cornet feature, and the finale, 'Song of the Plains' combines intense rhythmic energy with tribal harmonies, an example of Jenkins' style and integrity transcending musical boundaries.

Peter Graham needs no introduction to brass band enthusiasts. Together with the likes of Wilby and Sparke he has pushed the boundaries of brass band repertoire for over 20 years. Known primarily as a composer, Peter is one our finest arrangers and here we have a work which has been in great demand for some time.

Seven years since its commission (by Craig Roberts and the Welsh Brass Arts Festival), Prima Vista Musikk are extremely proud to present this extended concert suite by one of the world's most popular living composers, in an arrangement crafted by one of our most talented arrangers.

Duration is variable depending on movement selection and optional cuts. Order your set now!